vsftpd on Ubuntu

To ease the headache of having to work using VNC on my server, I decided to use an FTP server. There were several choices, but vsftpd’s page had a strong sales pitch and I succumbed to it rather easily.

Installation was pretty easy using the Software Sources tool. I typed “ftp server” in the search box and clicked on “show technical terms” at the bottom. Once installed, I referred to the man page for specific items I wanted to add. Basically, I first made a backup copy of the vsftpd.conf file using the following command:

sudo cp /etc/vsftpd.conf /etc/vsftp.conf.original

Next, I edited the conf file using the following command:

sudo gedit /etc/vsftpd.conf &

That “&” at the end allows me to still use the same terminal window. Otherwise, it’d be locked until I close gedit. In case you find that the gedit window doesn’t launch immediately, try running it without the “&” and you’ll be prompted to enter your password.

So, simple changes to the file:

  • Uncommented the line “chown_username=myuser” and replaced myuser with a valid user. All files uploaded will now be owned on Linux by this user
  • Added the line “file_open_mode=0666” 0777 – this allows all the uploaded files to be accessed, and modified by all users

From my PC when I start FileZilla, I can browse to the folder where the files I want to work on are, or should be! Easy enough to create directories and upload files too. FileZilla has a imagecool option where you can add the current connection setting to the Site Manager.

In Site Manager, I set up the directories I want to open up automatically when I open this connection, both local and remote.


2 responses to “vsftpd on Ubuntu

  1. Kash

    FTP is dated and insecure. All you need is to enable SSH, then using FileZilla set up your site to use the SFTP Protocol.

    No need to install and configure an extra application.

    • Hey Sherif!

      Thanks for your comment. I’ll get to it soon 🙂
      Got a blog yet? I’d love to know what you’re up to!


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