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10 Talents…

I was recently looking through my slashdot newsletters and I came across this write-up about the evidence against Chris Anderson’s Long Tail theory. And there was a quote from Matthew (gospel) – He that has shall be given more and he that has little, even that shall be taken away.” I hadn’t realized that it was from the Parable of the 10 talents.. or maybe .. whatever. It stuck and I reread the parable today.

Talking to one more friend about it, he mentioned that it was one of several controversial parables from the New Testament. The funny bit was that when I looked looked for that parable.. or only the keywords “10 talents” I came across several translations of that same line. Some very close to how the NIV interprets it and others quite different. Also another person pointed out that the German bible uses son instead of servant. Need to verify that.

Another time when looking into this issue in my university days, I came across some Jewish translations of the Bible too. Daughter and Virgin seemed to have the same root. I guess I have to dig up some links and post them here.

Time Track

It took me nearly 2 hours to get done with a simple timer app in C#. I am rusty!

Ok, I figured one thing out. I got the syntax. So my focus is learning the library and the standard classes. When I look at references they just tire me out! 🙂

Allles gut!

And the link that saved my ass:

Largely coz string formatting & number formatting has been a complete mystery to me with C#. Digging this up on MSDN was.. ahem, painful.

Some lost posts…

Quite a few things have happened lately. I have quite a few things to write about.

I was very much in a vicious cycle the week before last. I found myself getting tenser and tenser – and more frustrated. I figured, I needed out of Cairo for a bit. So I decided to head off in the direction of Sinai. I’d thought of going to Karm lodge in the proximity of St. Katherine Monastery, but then decided to head for Ras Mohamed instead. I’d hoped to take a few friends with me, but failing that I was determined to proceed without them. Echoes of “Into the Wild” resonated somewhere in the back, but the thought wasn’t too pleasant. The thought of sipping wine on the beach, alone, appealed to me more and more. A romantic notion of alcohol laden bliss.

After much stalling, I picked up the groceries and packed my car with all the necessities for the trip. It took me a while since I kept having to rehash my brains around the stuff I wanted to get. I hit the road at about 4:30pm. The initial bit out of Cairo was a bit crowded, but as the city fell behind the highway opened up and I saw fewer cars. I put on some U2 and let them soothe my frayed nerves.

When I crossed Suez’s gates, it was full dark. Taking the first U turn, I headed towards the Tunnel. It was a good 10 to 15 mins drive. And as I drove towards the lights, a memory bubbled up from somewhere, of me in the front seat of another car, driving towards Cairo at the end of my summer vacation. I was filled with an odd emotion of childhood past, recalling a feeling almost 20 years old. An odd mixture of elation and dislocation as I left Egypt behind to embrace the school year in Nasik. I tried to hold on to the feeling, to examine it some more. It stayed with me like a warm marble which I couldn’t crack.

The guards at the Tunnel looked at my license briefly and waved me on. I stepped on the accelerator and left the mainland with it’s worries and frustrations behind me. I resolved not to think of work until the holiday ended.

It was a long drive; uneventful and boring. I stopped at one point to buy a toothbrush and some toothpaste and at the last checkpoint before Sharm, I was told Ras Mohamed was 80 kms away. I made a mental note to drive slower and keep a lookout for the entrance.