Thermomix Maggi!

Maggi are India’s favorite 2 minute noodles and since I’m back I’ve had several occasions to try it out. Maggi’s really easy to make and cooks quickly. I wanted to adapt it for the Thermomix. Super easy!


  1. Maggi noodles
  2. 225 g of water (Thermomix measure) for every Maggi pack
  3. Maggi mix (to your taste. usually 1 per pack)


  1. Pour the water into the Thermomix. Set for Spoon speed, Varoma, Time 6:30. Depending on your location and the amount of noodles you’re cooking, you may require additional time for the water to boil. Once boiled the cooking time should be the same.
  2. Around time 3:00, the water should come to a boil. Open the cover by turning the dial to “cover open”. Add Maggi mix. Break the noodles into quarters and add.
  3. Close cover and resume program with the same settings. Press the reverse button.

Your steaming hot and delicious Maggi noodles should be ready in 3 mins!

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