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Momentum–carrying things forward

Carrying on from my last post about Energy and motion. Yes, it did turn out to be the start of a cold which I managed to arrest successfully!

Today it’s back into the loop with taking things forward with my teaching. It gives me a sense of achievement when I help the kids make a connection or cross a hurdle. With Math I’ve found that it’s mostly a matter of practice and probing. And I’m keeping it practice based. We solve a lot of problems and figure out where the kids have difficulties processing a theory or operation. Then it’s a matter of coming up with different ways to give them a perspective on the problem and how to address it.

After that, despite an early session, I was energized enough to do a lot more. I think it’s important to have a positive start to the day.

Energy and motions

Some days when my energy and ideas are on an ebb, it helps to keep moving and engaging in routine things. Today’s been one such day. This kind of day can be put to good use by doing those mindless chores like paying bills, clearing out the drawers or simply watching a movie you’ve been putting off forever. Alternately, you could take some Vitamin C – you could be coming down with a cold. Looks like I am.

Where will you be on April 28th?

It’s finally online and we’re pushing forward with TEDx IndiaGate!

I and a group of volunteers got together to see if we could contribute in some way to making India a better place. I guess at the back of our minds were questions like how one could go about influencing public policy in our complex democracy. Also, we wanted to understand how others had done this and where the pitfalls lay. So, after much bumping of heads we settled on tacking “Public Policy”. I’m hyped by the topic and the group I’m working with to make this event a success.

We’ve got the venue, and now are working on our speakers and sponsors to make this event a success. Care to join us?

Heard of spellcheck?


Spot the error yet? It’s true and it happened.

The URL Paster

Finally, I’ve hit upon a killer idea for a plugin, that if written will make me incredibly famous and pave the way for world domination!

You can decide on the worth of the plugin and it’s potential when you read my idea. Here it is!

I find myself pasting a whole lot of stuff (esp. URLs) into emails. And often the process goes as follows:

  • Open browser
  • Search for a few keywords
  • Locate a few results that seem to match
  • Open results in tabs
  • Review info in tabs, and then
  • copy paste these urls with some text into my mail

How about a plugin that would just allow me to select the urls currently being browsed and paste one or more into an email or blog post with the site’s description!

I’d get it in a jiffy. So, that makes for a cool project for me to work on before someone else makes use of it… now to pull out my books on C++!

Jazz Festival in Delhi

It was a beautiful day at the Nehru Park today with flowers in full bloom.IMAG0193IMAG0196IMAG0194

And it was the perfect evening for Jazz in the park. Tonight was the last evening of the festival and I was impressed by the amazing talent on stage. IMAG0200

We stayed till about 8:30 pm and watched two bands perform:

Both were really amazing. On this page you can hear a sample of the former’s music (bottom left corner) and this page has some music by Magos Herrara. It’s one thing to love about Delhi, the opportunity to enjoy great music in a wonderful setting.

Jai Bhim Comrade–an eye opener

I’m still a bit too overwhelmed by the screening to unclog my thoughts easily, so please bear with me as I try and discover what I think of this documentary.

It hit me on several fronts:

  • The silence that surrounds social injustices in India
  • Ongoing injustice (against the Dalits)
  • Shiv Sena and the Hindutva movement’s political attitudes towards other faiths and castes
  • A look at undocumented histories (Panther movement)
  • Real heroes who have fought against the injustices committed against them and despite all pain continue to fight

As Mr. Patwardhan pointed out, one flaw of this documentary is the lack of breathing space for the viewer to absorb the stories he presents. I feel that acutely as I try and distil what I got out of this 198 minute long record.

Jai Bhim is the traditional greeting of Dalits, as well as a name for their community, which remembers Dr. Bhimrao Ramji “Bhim” Ambedkar and his efforts to uplift the Dalits.

Jai Bhim Comrade starts with a brief intro to Vilas Ghoghre, a Marxist Dalit poet whose suicide, following the police shooting at residents of Ramabai colony in Mumbai,  prompted Patwardhan to create this documentary. Interviewing primary sources, Patwardhan shows the official police interpretation of the events for the fabrication they are. He documents the failed prosecution of Manohar Kadam, the police officer who ordered the shooting and puts this story of injustice alongside others, showing the systematic prosecution of Dalits by the “Suvarana” and the Hindutva movement in Maharashtra.

In brief interviews with four non-Dalit members of the public, Patwardhan documents their ignorance of the Dalit cause and explores the hollow foundations of their prejudices. Following the Kabir Kala Manch, and other poets he explores how the Dalits employ the medium of poetry to carry the history of their plight, efforts of their savior (Ambedkar), messages to stay strong, and betrayals by their own leaders.

3 hours and 18 minutes later, I sat stunned in my seat as my mind struggled to grapple with the reality that had been laid bare before me. I still can’t believe that the public which  goes crazy about dumbass things like Richard Gere kissing Shilpa Shetty stands by and allows killing, maiming and systematic prosecution of our fellow countrymen by bigots who, shamefully, are our countrymen too!