Monthly Archives: April 2015

A bit late for 2015

For a first post, it seems a bit late to start in April – towards the end of the month too. *Skip waffling*

Been busy working for The Outdoor Journal for most of my long break since last year and catching up on some travelling before that.

Now, I’m working towards moving to Berlin, and the many things to wrap up before I get there.

At the moment, I’ve been studying grammar again, to better my German. I’m a mired for two reasons and it’s a bit of a catch 22:

  • Don’t know the gender of most of German nouns
  • And have an issue with the 4 cases

And so it’s to YouTube that I go, hunting for some interesting video to give me some dope. Thankfully got a good grasp of the difference between indirect and direct objects. Now to memorize article genders and apply the cases. Such fun!