Monthly Archives: January 2013

Two views of Tibet

A while ago I came across the “Inspector Shan” series by Eliot Pattison, and I found them amazing reads – even the ones which seemed to have poor reviews, I enjoyed very much. Like very few authors, Pattison has the awesome ability to bring his stories and characters to life, especially their inner struggles. His writing inspired me to read some more on Tibet and Buddhism. I found myself reading Karen Armstrong’s biography of the Buddha, and soon after a Project Gutenberg version of A. Henry Savage Landor’s “An Explorer’s Adventures in Tibet” which was an fantastic read too. However, I was taken by surprise by Savage’s contrary view of the Buddhist priesthood and the various functionaries of Tibet. Maybe I had confused Pattison’s fiction with the reality of Tibet, but all in all I think it’s been great learning about Buddhism and Tibet. As a bonus I learnt a good bit about Hinduism and the Vedic religion from Armstrong’s book.

Windows bootable USB

After wasting hours of my time getting this done through various oddball tools, I hit on one called Rufus. From that point on, it’s been smooth sailing! Highly recommend this tool to anyone wanting to make a windows installation USB.

A friend’s laptop had crashed and so as the computer geek I got the job of restoring her OS. She gave me the recovery cd, but since it was an ultrabook there wasn’t really a cd drive. So since I couldn’t find myself a portable cd drive, I settled on trying to make a bootable USB stick. I found a ton of online tools like the Windows 7 USB download tool, but invariably I ran into one issue or the other. I tried unetbootin, but that’s really a tool for creating Linux installation CDs or USBs. And with amazing luck I found Rufus and I’ve tried it with the original windows cd and the restore disk and both boot fine from USB.