Monthly Archives: July 2012

Delhi heat setting in…

I see it as a bad sign when my computer decides to give up and shutdown with no notice. And I’m not surprised. It’s hot in Delhi. And muggy. Trying to move around here without a luxurious AC car is like – taking a hot shower on a hot day and feeling worse after. Have I conjured up a bad enough image yet? Well, I hear it’ll only get worse when the rains set in. Surprisingly, the weather in Jaipur was a lot better. Surprising, because I figured it’d be a lot worse in Rajasthan – but it wasn’t. The evenings, while warm, were still pleasant enough to walk around in. And the humidity was a lot lower.

In an attempt to adapt, I’ve found that chilled watermelon is a good cure, but always leaves me hungry for salt. So, my cure for that is a deliciously salty Lassi followed by some watermelon. Keeps me feeling great. But I think because of the AC, my body can’t decide if it’s summer or winter and I end up getting food pangs at odd hours of the day. I guess this is what happens when you refuse to feel the heat.