Back on WLW, Windows & Office

Wow, never thought I’d make it back into the Microsoft world again, but here I am. Got myself a machine set up with Windows 7 and currently installing Office 2013 Home & Student. And I can say it is a relief, in some ways. In other ways, I still want  to ensure that I can dual boot this machine with a Linux distro. Smile

So, what’s changed? I guess, I got older and started thinking of rational decision making, at least on a personal level. That’s the gist of it. And there have been a lot of changes in the state of play in the IT arena.

Just to try my hand at storytelling, I do want to get into this a bit more, however, I’m working on my resume and time’s a-flying. Hopefully, by tomorrow evening I’ll have polished up my resume enough to do just that.

Signing off with a sigh of relief at being back on Live Writer.

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