A looong read

Well, maybe it wasn’t so long, but it took me long enough to read it. That was “Sophie’s World”. And I’ve had the book for a while now. It started with a conversation in Cairo this summer while I was wading my way through Pirsig’s classic, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, rather slowly. At one point somewhere three quarters through the book, when Pirsig’s using the train analogy, I felt that my already fragile philosphic understanding was hampered by my ignorance of the history of philosophic thought.

I had two options then, Copleston’s excellent volumes on the history of philosophy or “Sophie’s World” and thanks to the intervention by a good friend, Yasser, I picked up the latter.

In Greece as I lay on the beach, I dived into the book, only to be hampered by my kindle’s breakdown when I was just about done with the Greeks. I had to wait a while for my kindle to be restored, lost again and finally be replaced by a Kobo – much satisfied with that now. And then the story resumes with me waffling about for a while longer and nibbling at the story every once in a while and backtracking a bit to recap on what I’d read and forgotten. It was a joyful journey most days, but I felt a bit bogged down in the last couple of chapters as Sophie’s World is invaded by other random thoughts. And I was happy to put it down, finally, today! Hip Horray! I can resume normal life again, secure in the knowledge that I know, or atleast I know where I can find bits and peices of what I need to resume reading Pirsig again. It can be a bit of a pain, really, the way I go about educating myself. But, atleast I can feel positive about checking off this book from my looooooooooong reading list.

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