Running out of space on my root folder

Some decisions end up biting you in the ass and I guess this was one of those.

When setting up linux on my laptop, I’d configured it so I had 10 GB for my / (root) folder and the rest was distributed between /home and /swap. And now I’d run out of space on the root folder.

Looking back, this probably stems from my windows background. I’d assumed that the root folder mostly represented the operating system – the equivalent of /windows folder. I should’ve accounted for it as /windows + /program files; the benefits of hindsight.

Lucky for me, since I hadn’t used up a whole lot of space on my /home folder, I had options: GParted!

And this software rocks. I downloaded the iso and put it onto a usb stick and booted from it. On loading, it opened up the GParted app. I noticed that my partitions needed some juggling, so I resized my home, nudged it to the right, followed by a nudge to the swap partition and finally the resize to make my root partition bigger. It took time, but I was able to queue the tasks and forgot about the machine for a good 3 hours.

I rebooted and it looks like everything’s working.

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