Minidlna Tip

When using minidlna, you’ll often run into a situation where the damn database is out of date. To figure out where your database is, linux users should look in the /etc/minidlna.conf file.

cat /etc/minidlna.conf | grep db_dir

The command above will show you where the database is located. In  my case it’s /var/lib/minidlna

So, if you want to avoid a screw-up and issues with this database, the command to run is

sudo -u minidlna minidlna -R

What that does is runs the command "minidlna -R" as the user minidlna. By default minidlna runs under this account. Refer the the minidlna.conf file in case you find that the database runs under another account. Hopefully this’ll save you some pain.

Minidlna rocks. I’ve got to get around to getting the transcode op running. Getting better with linux, but still a way away.

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