Adventures with the iPhone on Debian

Problem: Sync iPhone on Debian
Solution: Nothing direct since iTunes does not work. The only option so as to be able to do a backup of the iPhone was to install VirtualBox and install Windows XP with SP2. Then install Itunes.

One issue I ran into was some error about the VirtualBox DKMS and kerner recompilation. I avoided that by getting the deb file from and rebooted the OS.

I ran into an issue where the USB wasn’t working with VirtualBox and gave me an error “could not load the host USB Proxy system” and querying it online led me to some forum posts which gave me the clue about adding a line into /etc/fstab. This blog post helped:

And I had to run “mount -a” after this. Then I closed the VirtualBox and started it over again. This resolved the issue and I was able to see the iPhone in the USB devices menu.

Happy syncing!

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