Getting your keys

If you want privacy to remain, then action is needed. To get started, look at my last post. And then consider the fact that all the emails that you’ve been sending out have been going out there into the wild in clear text! From the moment your message departs from the originating server, it’s bouncing between servers, some trusted and others not, until it reaches its destination.

One way to reason would be to assume that all communications you’ve sent out are not private. However, if privacy is what you’re looking for, then you need to use encryption to send out these messages. GNU is one source for software that will enable this privacy. And it’s not difficult. Here’s the manual. If you have issues setting it up, please let me know via your comments and I’ll be happy to assist.


For those using Thunderbird/IceDove, installing Enigmail should be sufficient. A new menu called OpenPGP should appear, once Enigmail is activated.

And for those who’re intimidated by the manual, here’s a software bundle to get you going.

GPG for Windows

Installation instructions: (keep going forward through the pages to see how to use the software)

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