Searching in Privacy

A couple of days ago, I attended a great session on surveillance and internet privacy. While the debate rages on, one point that really hit home for me was the perspective of the ones conducting the surveillance; they look at everyone as potential criminals. And looking at it that way, I suddenly find that I’m annoyed by this approach. It must be opposed. And if  legislators don’t care, then I must.

I’ve posted previously about tools that help enhance privacy online. One area that I failed to cover was search. Searching on google or other engines we reveal a lot about ourselves; whether it is about books, music, movies – personal taste, or medical conditions or concerns, etc. And this data, in the hands of a ill-intentioned person, can be embarrassing or worse.

So, I decided that more measures were needed – and I’ve gotten myself two tools:

  1. HTTPS Everywhere
  2. Secure search engines: blekko and ixquick

There’s more that can be done.

Some options are:

  • Tor anonymization
  • Proxy servers
  • Cookie blockers
  • Flash cookie blockers/deletors

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