Into the Bog

Sometimes, I wonder if it’s just me, or maybe as I’ve noted before, I’m just a clueless guy. It certainly feels like there’s a crazy political scene in India where instead of democracy we run a sham, where some families, like an oligarchy, run the show – and there’s no hiding behind the scenes stuff too. It’s out there, in your face – like a big bully staring you down and daring you to do something about him stealing your candy. And because you haven’t figured out who to complain to, you just look for something to keep you distracted; IPL, some festival, horrible TV soap, etc.

What’s bugging me today is the way they’re now trying to amend the RTI. Screw the aam aadmi, screw public opinion, almost all the political parties have banded together to table the bill in the Lok Sabha. And probably this’ll sail right through and head for the Rajya Sabha inside of week.

And then the election freebies – again, we see the political parties asking the Election Commission to take a hike. They would rather that the EC not exist most days. For them the EC is a party pooper who wants to stop all the fun like boozing and bribery.

I wonder how foreign investors feel about the political climate here? See, almost everyone sees a biased system is good until it bites them in the ass. It’s just about how many politicians you can pocket. It comes down to how many will keep staying in your pocket and how much of the profit margin they’ll be eating into. And I’m not sure what to tell these investors: keep away and let us figure this out? Or engage with us lots more and help us get out of this mire?

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