Happiness is … fixing my sound issues! :)

I’ve got laugh about this! For now this is what will make me happy. I’ve been musing about how to reconfigure sound on my debian install, which I posted about (Darn, I do miss Windows Live Writer – I could link to previous posts… *sniff*)

Ha, so this Qumana thing has a blog control manager where I can see a list of my old blogs and copy links! So here it is – the link to my last post on sound. I’ve got Jackd working now. What I did, based on a suggestion on the debian-user list, was to keep PulseAudio and route its output through Jackd. Not recommended, but it works.

sound card <== alsa <== jackd <== pulseaudio <== gstreamer | alsa

Now, I’m on a different problem. My headset. Sound’s too weak and they work unpredictably – which is why I started this whole thing in the first place. Looking at this diagram, I see I need to refine it a bit.

There is a slight difference in a key stage.

jackd <== pulseaudio – it’s not straight forward. You have to create Jack’s sinks and sources using pactl – i.e., using PulseAudio. Which means my actual setup is a bit stranger šŸ™‚

sound card <== alsa <== pulseaudio <== jackd <== pulseaudio <== gstreamer | alsa

Why?! Oh well, beyond me at present. But it clarifies why I can’t see the headset (sink) on my connections in the Jack control. I need to go lower and work on the pulse/alsa layer to create a sink and source for the headset. Now that I have an idea of what needs to be done. I’ve got to figure out the how.

I’m learning. šŸ™‚

And happiness is … figuring it out.

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