Hating blogging on Linux

Blogging on Linux is a nightmare! Well, I enjoyed Bloglilo on KDE, but if you’re not a fan of KDE (like me) then having to install a ton of stuff for Bloglilo seems a waste. And I strongly object. I tried a couple of blog clients like BloGTK (the installer forgets to mention that it uses gtksourceview2), Drivel, and Gnome Blog, I’m beginning to miss the simplicity of blogging with Windows Live Writer. Even the simplest concept of being able to post an image through a desktop client is … unavailable! And I think under windows there are a ton of blogging clients – not to mention WLW!

Arrgh – I’m using Qumana and frankly it’s a Java based client so quite portable, but wtf?! Tags are not supported. Or if they are, it’s like text inserts in your blog post… I think that could be a project to work on. A freaking blog writer for Linux. And to be evil, I’ll just write it for one oddball distro, and forget the makefile…

Just a bad tux day..

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