Decide when to shutdown your Win Machine

The other days I had some podcasts being downloaded on my Win machine and did not want it to stay on all night, so I decided to hunt around for ways to shut it down after a time. And some hunting came up with the realization that this tool exists in Windows already. Not advertised, but it’s there.

So type the following on the command line:

shutdown /s /t <interval in seconds>

the ‘/s’ option is to confirm a shutdown. Using ‘/r’ instead would be requesting a restart. The interval I wanted was about 20 mins. So a simple calculation would be 20 mins x 60 secs /min = 1200 s. And so my final command was:

shutdown /s /t 1200

And lo and behold I got a notification on my system tray telling me that my device would shutdown in 20 mins! Window’s ain’t all that bad šŸ™‚

Use shutdown /? to get more options.

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