Debian on my laptop

So, after installing a dual boot Linux on my machine, I decided to give KDE a try. And so far I rate it as pretty good, but still raw. I guess that’s what I think of Linux for non-techie users.

So, what do I like in KDE?

  • The KDM (login screen) is awesome. Really cool graphics and look
  • The core apps like Kontact and Kmail are pretty good too
  • App previews on the panel

What I don’t like:

  • I found the default panel a bit boring and poorly organized
  • Konqueror is not my favorite. Perhaps it’s the debian bits, but the browser did not work with gmail so I switched to IceWeasel and that’s awesome
  • Touchpad options were missing. I installed kde-config-touchpad and that worked amazingly well

With Debian, all my hardware appears to be working pretty well, except for the wifi card. For that I just had to follow the wiki instructions and that was done in a jiffy. So, frankly, it was a zero-pain install for me!

To blog, I decided to download Blogilo – it’s not as good as Windows Live Writer, but it does have the fundamentals – a visual editor, html editor, post preview, categories and tags to organize my posts, post lister. I’ve not looked, but I’m sure there must be some interesting plug-ins for this app too.

This far my notes pretty superficial, but I’ll post my findings as I go.

Update – 02-Jun

  • Added libav for tools like avconv, which is absolutely fantastic for converting multimedia files easily
  • Learnt how to access gmail via Konqueror – identify browser as Opera 9.0
  • Konqueror – access the location bar using ALT+O or CTRL+L – they’re slightly different

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