Cleaning up my HD

Update: 2-Jun-2013

And WinDirStat worked so amazingly well that I was able to clean up nearly 240GB of data – mostly by deciding what was waste 🙂 – And after that, I downloaded a gparted image onto a usb stick using unetbootin and repartitioned my windows HD. Booting into Windows it wanted a complete CHKDSK – ran that and all was well! Next, I went to and ended up with a cool install of Debian with KDE on my laptop. Will write a short post about what needed fixing.


My windows machine has a HD of about 500GB and I’ve got about 37 GBs available?! Where did all the space go?

What started me on this was my complacency with my Windows machine. I’ve really not de-cluttered it since the day I bought it in 2011. Of late, I’ve been experimenting so much with Linux that I wanted to try it out on my laptop too. Since I’m still a Zune user and there’s no recourse to using Zune on Linux, I’m stuck with Windows – the things we’re held back by!

Anyways, to bring this to a conclusion, I’m trying out this tool called WinDirStat – basically it’ll dump all the directories and give me an idea of where all this space is being used. I guess I could do some interesting pivots too, but if there’s a tool handy…

So here’s the link if you want to try it out too:

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