Scrambled bits of research

One benefit of being part of a forum, as most forum users would know, is that one gets exposed to a ton of information. Today was quite interesting that way and I learnt about the following:

  1. Loopback devices – how to get a Virtual Hard Drive and possibly even boot from it (Linux) –
  2. A free book that teaches you how to build a minimal linux installation:
  3. A tool that’ll help you fix most of your boot issues:
  4. A book on graphics programming:
  5. A manual for Aptitutde (a bit out of date, but still useful, I’m sure):
  6. And since I’m thinking of setting up a dual-boot system on my machine (Debian and Ubuntu) how to install Debian from inside Linux:
  7. And since I’m super excited about minidlna, I was happy to discover that there’s a fork that does transcoding! I’m looking forward to getting that working on my system:

Next project for me is to figure out how to get all these projects I want done done!

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