XBox 360 and Ubuntu

I bought the XBox under the impression that in addition to playing games, it’d fulfill the promise of being my home media center. I’ve been a bit disappointed and perhaps a bit misled. It’s a closed box and so all fiddling is external – which may be a bit of a mercy, frankly.

So, first thing is that mediatomb doesn’t work with XBox natively. I’ve read some stuff about patches, but I decided to look for something that works. miniDLNA is one such program. It’s simple and easy to configure and I’ve gotten it to the point that I can see my server and the movies on it. Now, I’ve run into the format issue and that’s where I’m stuck for now.

How do I address this? I look for one of my formats that works, understand the encoding and then find a transcoder that’ll do the job. For example, I’d ripped a documentary DVD I bought recently into the mp4 format (with the m4v extension). And my phone can play it, XBMC can play it, but lo and behold, XBox 360 flatly refuses. Makes me want to switch to Sony, if they were any better. Annoying eh?

I’ll keep things updated here.

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