Getting comfy with the Enfield

When I first rode the Thunderbird, I had to struggle just to maintain my balance and it came with a small measure of fear, that I’d jerk the handlebar too hard to one side or another, or mistakenly press the gear shift instead of the brake, etc. Yesterday, riding it in the early afternoon, I was amazed at how confident I felt with it after a couple of weeks of riding. I was doing a mental gear count, feeling the engine’s beat and monitoring how smooth the ride was. At times I almost feel the buzz  too – like I did a couple of times before. But I’m guessing that once my mind is a bit freer of the mechanical aspects of it, I’ll enjoy that a bit more.

One cool realization I made recently was about maneuvering out of parking. Often when your bike’s parked in an awkward position, you have to maneuver it and point the headlight in the right direction before kick starting it. I’d seen Enfielder’s do that by getting on the bike first. I thought they were being lazy. After a few close calls where I nearly dropped the bike, I saw the wisdom of sitting on it first myself! Experience, eh?

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