11/22/63 – Stephen King – Google Books

Sometimes, it’s really not the plot, but how you build up the story. Nothing could’ve driven the point home stronger than this book I’m reading. I’m somewhere halfway through this amazing read and perhaps the word I’m looking for is “drifting”. I’m drifting through this book. And by drifting I mean that perfect moment when you oversteer your ride, causing loss of traction, but not control. The Wikipedia article describes it amazingly well. To me it’s a zone. I get there sometimes when I’m reading, at others when I’m just sitting and thinking and one idea collides with another – an aha moment.

In this case, the book is a sheer pleasure to read, once you plow through the first couple of chapters. I don’t like the transport premise and I don’t like how Al keeps saying “buddy”. But that’s just the device King used – and who knows, by the end of the book, I might even eat those very words. For the half that I’ve just finished, I’d recommend the book heartily.

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