Insurance Convenience

And so, I’m beset by the woes of vehicle registration. This time I’ve got to go to Janakpuri because the number starts with DL 9. And in preparation the only document that needed work was the two wheeler insurance – a mercy! To get that I called an agent I knew last week and he blew me off.  I think I gave him a hard time for no fault of his own so he must’ve felt justified – but hey he lost on an easy deal this time. Next I tried looking online. From my previous researches, I was happy with TATA-AIG and ICICILOMBARD. I called up TATA-AIG since my wife’s car is registered with them. Please visit our office to get moving. No thanks, I’m a lazy guy and the previous insurance is still valid.

After that I called ICICI and after a 30 min call where they worked through the policy details I got a reasonable quote and signed up for it. We hit a small hitch when I found that I had only a debit card, so the agent directed me to the website and soon I had the payment form before me. I entered the debit card and netbanking details and ta da, my policy was ready. Took them a short while to send me the pdf copy of the policy – but hey, what’s two minutes inconvenience for a policy that’s delivered to your doorstep.

Next step is the visit to Janakpuri, tomorrow. Perhaps, with pictures too! And here’s a great John Mayer song that’s been stuck in my ear for a few days now:

John Mayer’s No Such Thing

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