3 Evils

After Jai Bhim Comrade, I’ve been keen to follow-up with more documentaries. Today, I watched “No End in Sight”, about the Iraq War. And then I reviewed some articles in Frontline Feb 25-Mar 09, 2012. In both instances, I found myself disgusted with the suffering caused by the few in power on their many powerless victims. I found myself wondering if hiding behind the façade of bureaucracy and “orders” are still viable excuses for those who act as the arms of these decision makers.

For argument’s sake, let’s call Rumsfeld’s crime that of incompetence. If Rumsfeld was incompetent, why did Colin Powell, despite his reservations, continue to support the administration publicly and not do more to bring the issues to light? It took over 3 years of fuck-ups for the clamor to reach, perhaps the most incompetent of US presidents, Mr. Bush. And sadly, despite the pain and misery caused, these incompetent leaders have gone off scot-free. They will not be charged for crimes against the Iraqi people or American soldiers.

In the case of Godhra riots, the case against Modi has languished in court for a decade, where only the persistent effort of Citizens for Justice and Peace and Mrs. Zakia Jafri et al, have kept it alive with some support from Congress, perhaps for it’s own ends. Frontline’s cover story “A Decade of Shame” documents the story of this historic court case and laments at how Modi, BJP’s cash cow, remains in power.

Through Jai Bhim Comrade, we see that Dalit persecution has continued despite protections offered by the Indian constitution. Without active enforcement and vigilance, the constitution remains a dead thing. Reservation, despite the good intentions behind it, is now a vehicle that continues to divide India along communal lines. Unscrupulous political parties exploit this provision, at times clamoring for larger reservations and at times protesting against them, to foment hatred along communal lines in their bid for power.

As a marine in “No End in Sight” states, “America can do better” – I’d like to express a broader hope. We, all of us, can do better.  Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s concise admonishment is, “Educate, Agitate and Organize”.

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