The URL Paster

Finally, I’ve hit upon a killer idea for a plugin, that if written will make me incredibly famous and pave the way for world domination!

You can decide on the worth of the plugin and it’s potential when you read my idea. Here it is!

I find myself pasting a whole lot of stuff (esp. URLs) into emails. And often the process goes as follows:

  • Open browser
  • Search for a few keywords
  • Locate a few results that seem to match
  • Open results in tabs
  • Review info in tabs, and then
  • copy paste these urls with some text into my mail

How about a plugin that would just allow me to select the urls currently being browsed and paste one or more into an email or blog post with the site’s description!

I’d get it in a jiffy. So, that makes for a cool project for me to work on before someone else makes use of it… now to pull out my books on C++!

3 responses to “The URL Paster

  1. Sounds good… it would depend on how you implemented it though. User-friendliness, if it keeps breaking down or missing URLs or just refuses to do something.

    Go for it then 😀

  2. Why C++? It needs not to be machine dependent. Why not talk to the browser and get these URLs from the history. I don’t know why I assumed that C++ would work on windows and not on Mac.

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