Tracking the trains en route, the Railway Budget and Lalu

Recently when my cousin was visiting Delhi, I had to wake up early to pick him from the railway station. I wondered if there was a way to follow-up on the train’s arrival time short of going to the station. I looked up to look up the scheduled arrival time and my eye fell on the following bit of info:

Indian Railways Time Tables, PNR, Route, Fares, Arrivals/Departures, Running Status – (Better Way To Search Trains)

Click On For
Train Number Fare & Route
Dep. Time Running Status at Source Station – select date at step 3
Arr. Time Running Status at Destination Station – select date at step 3
Travel Time Route map
R View run days of the train on calendar
Av Availability of selected class – select date of travel at step 3
Header Sorting
i Special Note
Roll mouse over any text / Data to get help and more features

It worked and I was able to get an update regularly as it passed by key stations. Way to go Dinesh Trivedi!

I’m really happy for all the small but positive changes I’ve observed with the Indian railways. There’s a lot more work to be done. I’m sure it’s not all Dinesh Trivedi, but frankly 10 years without a price change, is just hemorrhaging India’s economy and holding back development of a vital service. The guy must be applauded for having the cojones and the integrity to put forward a budget that is in the public interest of maintaining this vital service and ensuring that it stands on its own feet. I’m looking forward to reading more on the details.

And assertions by Lalu Prasad Yadav about Lalu doing a better job are largely baloney. I’d say that by ignoring safe loading limits on trains (yes, he did), he milked the cow – like a vampire. And then he paid  IIM-A to write a report praising him. Smart move, that.

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