Syncing Google Tasks in Thunderbird Lightning

Update – 15/10/2012

Thanks to Marcin, I discovered this addon to Lightning on Thunderbird. Basically it’s an addon to Lightning’s “Today Pane”, where you can now view and and edit your tasks on Google! It’s still not the complete integration you could have with tasks, so please continue to follow the instructions below.


Issue 36 – google-caldav-issues – Support VTODO / Tasks – A place to track issues for Google Calendar’s CalDAV server. – Google Project Hosting

[Vote for this issue and get email change notifications] Your vote has been recorded.

No, this is not possible at this time with Lightning and the Google Calendar Provider. If you want to have a chance of getting this working in the near future, without working on the code yourself, then vote for this issue.

To vote, click on the link above and head to the bottom of the page where it says, “Add a star” and click on the star next to it. Do this, and ask everyone you know, who uses Thunderbird with Gmail, to do the same. Hopefully, our votes will bring this much needed feature to fruition.

4 responses to “Syncing Google Tasks in Thunderbird Lightning

  1. Thanks for the reference!!
    very useful add-on.

  2. First off…so nice to know all these years that I’m not alone in wanting, and needing a decent PIM in sync with Android, especially a good task manager (which Google Tasks is NOT).

    After researching and despairing for almost 4 years…today I found what could be our solution. Starting to test it now.
    Thunderbird and Lightning (calendar, contacts, and TASKS) sync with an online account by Fruux. The web access to Calendar and Contacts still in beta, According to website, Fruux will sync with, active exchange, Google….AND they have an app for direct sync to the phone. (Calendar and contacts sync with native apps, tasks in it’s own app).

    Looks VERY promising…to finally have ALL of Thunderbird and lightning, in sync with my choice of platforms and devices. I’ll try to keep you posted, but check them out.

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