Blogging with ScribeFire

I think ScribeFire may be the blogging tool for me on Linux. My key needs (off the top of my head) when blogging are the following:

  • Formatting – bullets, tables, hyperlinks, and strike-through
  • Images – screenshots that I insert into my blogs or just plain images
  • Categories & Tags – key because they help me organize the entries on my blog
  • Access to archives – to link back to previous posts

ScribeFire has formatting and cool shortcuts:

And image insertion. I can’t find a way to manage the picture formatting (text flow) like in Windows Live Writer (WLW). 

Categories and Tags are easily entered via the tabs on the right.

And the Entries tab shows you some of the previous posts.

So, for now, I can rest satisfied. I’ll need to find a better screenshot tool than the default one Ubuntu has to offer, but that can rest for now.

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