Recuperating from Maharashtra

Just got back from a trip to Maharashtra yesterday. I was there to attend a cousin’s wedding in Mumbai and take a trip to Nasik, my home town. The trip’s still too fresh and I’m still too tired to blog about it. I hope to do so in the next couple of days. I find that blogging helps me organize my thoughts better and think things through – a bit like a journal. šŸ™‚

I’m also trying out ScribeFire – since I’m working from my Linux server. It’s an interesting change from my regular Windows Desktop. I’m not fully comfy with it as yet, but I find that it’s getting easier by the day. I’ve also installed some new software to experiment with. And since I wanted to just get back to blogging, I did some searches and found that ScribeFire (the original version) appears to be the blogging tool of choice. I’m still in the experimental stage and I’m hoping to find something that’s as good as Windows Live Writer – weird, how something as simple as that can keep you glued to a platform. As Tom Peters might say, it’s the little hooks.

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