Is Tofu dangerous?

Discussing my vegetarian diet with a friend recently the topic of Tofu raised a few flags. I was unaware that there were any health risks associated with eating soybean curd.

Here are articles I found online that seem to discuss this in a balanced fashion:

So, unless more reading turns up something new, Tofu remains a healthy food to consume (2-3 servings per day) as long as one consumes Iron, Calcium and Iodine in adequate quantities. Milk, Eggs and Carrots are good sources for the three. Here are some references that may be useful:

My search query on minerals turned up an interesting read on Paleolithic diet. Here’s an interesting blog post which has a 3 pager on it.

Update [15/02/2012] – response from a friend:

Concerning soy you will find a vast content in the internet. Keep in mind that behind soy there is a large industry (like Monsanto etc.).

About Monsanto:

Here some articles etc. I came across:

Soy and environment:

Soy and health:

One response to “Is Tofu dangerous?

  1. harrisarnoldcollaboration

    As I’m allergic to most other forms of protein (beans, nuts, & legumes) and cannot tolerate animal protein I have been following this closely.

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