A post to keep the juices flowing

It’s a dry spell. I want to write and wish to write, but it’s hard to put something down. Every blooming idea seems to be surrounded by thorny concerns. I’ve been expending a lot of energy on a few things of late – volunteering remedial Math sessions, organizing a conference, and dealing with WordPress. I guess that’s one idea I can write about easily enough.

I’ve been making good progress with my understanding of WordPress (WP)themes. I feel a lot more comfortable delving into the process of Theme building and I’m excited about building one! Both the creative graphics work and the technical side of executing that in the WP framework appeal to me. On the graphics side, I’ve got a website I need to move to the WP platform, so a large part on the former front is done. The CSS bits and some of the PHP coding in the back-end will be the exciting bit. Working from scratch would be a lot harder, and this will ease me into the theme work.

Once I get reasonably competent with it, my spin-off/random-idea/plan is to build a few themes for commercial use, where I can consult with small businesses and NGOs and help them build a simple website off the WP platform with ecommerce plug-ins. One challenge I’ve heard of is that most small biz operations tend to hire development firms to do this job. Hopefully with a bit of training, I can help these organizations to this bit on their own. It’s an idea, and I’ve yet to test it in the market. Even if it doesn’t work, I’ll have taken a few steps in learning about a cool content management system (CMS).

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