Earrings for an exam

While waiting for a meeting in a café, I overheard two people talking intensely at the table close to time. At first I thought it was a work meeting – one of them was taking notes and the other was reading something in folder. But then the conversation clicked into focus.

M said, “She’s unlikely to do well in Math. The more you work her, the worse she’ll get,” and “She’s good at her studies” to which W responded, “No, she almost failed her exams.”

“Did she get a haircut?” M asked. W shook her head, “No, her hair reaches her waist.”

“Does she have her ears pierced?” W shook her head again.

“Then you must get her to wear earrings,” said M emphatically.

A peek confirmed that M was looking at an astrological chart and W was a concerned parent taking notes prior to the finals in March!

Only in India!

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