How impactful is regular blogging?

Here’s a view of my blog stats from the day I created it. It’s wide so you’ll have to click it to see it in its full glory.


And since I do want to make this a worthwhile read, here’s a graph correlating posts and visits.image

And I miss Excel! Graphs in Excel were so much easier than LibreOffice Calc!

The ClustrMap on my site is way off! It shows 542 visits in the period between Oct 31, 2011 and Feb 6, 2012. The real number is closer to 1,000! Why? To track the visits, the image from ClustrMaps must be requested by the browser. Since the image is being loaded from another site, I noticed that browsers tuned for higher security may not load the image. IE 9 failed to. So, I’d say 50% of my site visitors are probably using IE9 or a browser that’s not showing the ClustrMap and so remain untracked. I’ve got to work out a way to show WordPress data.

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