Two concerts in a week

The arrival of our guest a week ago led to some really interesting occurrences – the visit to Delhi’s Baha’i temple, and Qutub Minar as well as the tour of Hauz Khas’ rooftops. But I failed to post about the two concerts we attended!

Sarah, on the evening before our guest arrived, surprised me with news that she’d gotten us invitations to A. R. Rahman’s concert, organized by the Goethe Institute and performed by the famous German Film Orchestra Babelsberg. IMAG0128I figured it would be quite exciting and with the venue being Siri Fort Auditorium, it was a hop away. Irresistible! So, we met up in Anand Lok with others in our group and hiked it to the auditorium. On the way there was excited chatter about what to expect and our guest, having taken the same flight as the Orchestra from Mumbai, was excited at the coincidence.

As has become the custom nowadays, we passed through security checks and eventually entered the auditorium. We were early and some of us managed to snag seats in the second row from Kiran Bedithe pit – well, stage, to be precise, with a dry moat around it. We wondered if A. R. Rahman would really be present, because after closer reading the invitations said, the German Orchestra would be performing the music. There was no mention if the composer was going to be present.

Regardless, we saw an ever growing stream of movers and shakers. Being new to the Delhi and India scene I only recognized Kiran Bedi, and later A. R. Rahman himself!


That was concert #1. For #2, it so happens that a relative of ours managed to get us invited to Paul van Dyk’s concert at Samrat! IMAG0132One thing I can say about the event is that we really enjoyed the experience with IMAG0133our DJ. Shiro’s atmosphere was great too and with the giant Buddha head facing the DJ and the two massive statues on the sides, we were enthralled by the place.

Marring the experience was the hotel Samrat itself, whose staff appeared somewhat dispirited, and which appears to be falling apart – a bamboo stick from Shiro’s roof décor dropped onto the dance floor at one point! Thankfully no one was injured. Another disappointment was the crowd. Frankly, the place was nowhere close to packed. We’d arrived early, hoping to avoid the crowd, but seeing the turn out, we could’ve just arrived at about anytime.

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