Ubuntu Disk Space booting issue

Ran into an issue the other day with Ubuntu. I changed some configuration and then tried a reboot. Suddenly, I couldn’t boot into Ubuntu anymore. After some digging around online, I found a few posts that suggested that the issue may be caused by lack of disk space.

Some more digging showed that when I find that the boot sequence appears hanged, I should press CTRL+ALT and F1 through F6 keys. I tried that and it got me into terminal mode. I’m not sure which key it was. Some more digging pointed out that the most likely culprit was the /var/log folder. So I went there and deleted all the files therein with the following:

sudo rm /var/log/*.*

That seemed to do the trick. But the issue was not yet solved. I’d just gotten a temporary reprieve. What was needed was a deep look into where my space was going. Luckily I found this article which had some great tips to offer. The ones that helped most were the tip about using baobab as a root user and deleting the root user’s trash files.

My big culprit was Squid. Next job is to modify Squid’s config to generate very tiny log files!

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