Squid Logs are huge

I ran into trouble with Squid’s huge log files. By default the log outputs are set to the lowest level in the config file. So, obviously the issue was that they were just getting bigger and bigger unchecked. Running a search found me an FAQ on Squid’s log files.

Turns out I needed to run a cron job. Whatever that was. A bit more reading and it turns out that cron is similar to Windows’ task scheduler. So you can get your system to run jobs using a table file. Ubuntu’s how-to showed me what needed to be done and using the info in the Squid related FAQ, I was able to populate the file easily enough.

sudo crontab -e

The above command caused a prompt for choice of editor. I chose nano. At the bottom of the file, I appended the entry as follows:

0 0 * * * /usr/sbin/squid -k rotate

This means that under the root user, squid will be involved with the parameters “-k rotate” which should do the trick. I found that all the apps I’d installed on Ubuntu seemed to be in the /usr/sbin directory.

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