Delhi’s Baha’i Temple

Today I visited the Baha’i Temple on the outskirts of Delhi. It was a good opportunity to try out my camera and catch some sights of Delhi at the same time, and having a guest over was the perfect excuse.

Getting there was easy as falling off a log. Easier, perhaps. The thermometer showed that it was about 19 degrees outdoors. So, the weather was warm enough for a walk to the metro station. Within minutes we were headed towards Kalkaji station on the violet line. The temperature inside the metro was a bit too warm and I had to shed a layer to stop overheating.

We got off at the Kalkaji station and headed towards the temple at a slow pace, enjoying the  Seeing it from a distance, I’d formed a vague impression of the place, but being there I had an impression of horizons opening up.There were a good number of tourists visiting and walking through the gardens to the temple, I was a bit disappointed that the gardens had been closed off. I can imagine why, but it was still a bit disappointing.

As we approached the temple things started getting more orderly as guards and ushers asked people to form a line. Closer to the temple, we waited as the group ahead of us lined up. Two ushers formed two groups in front of the temple entrances and proceeded to give them a talk. I was curious as to what they’d have to say. I found out soon enough; it was a brief introduction about the Baha’i faith and a request that we proceed into the temple quietly and not disturb the peace with conversation, mobile phones or cameras.

The prayers were as magical as one could’ve imagined. The acoustics of the place gave the recitals a very hallowed feel and I was amazed at the fact that everyone was so quiet inside. I’d love to learn some more about the Baha’i faith.

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