Laaton ke bhoot… (the ghosts that need kicking)

My car had a flat rear tyre. And much to my chagrin I found that the first two times I tried to take it off, it wouldn’t budge! I’ve hat flat tyres before and changed them without much trouble so, it’s not that I’m clueless. I tried pulling, pushing and kicking, but the damn thing wouldn’t move. It got me worried, coz, I really couldn’t do much more without risking a fall off the jack.

So, some research was needed. I called up the previous owner, and AJ’s response was, “What?! You want to change the tyre yourself? Take it to the service center.” Um, yeah, but the tyre’s flat, so how did he suggest I move it. “Call them. That’s what they’re there for.”  Not satisfactory. So, I rang up the workshop and told them that my tyre wouldn’t budge, and yes, I did know how to change one. “Kick it, and pour some water on it”, said they. Check and check. No budgy. I recalled something about using Coke, so I poured a full bottle of coke over the part where it joined the axle. No effect.

And today I was walking down the road and found a tyre repair workshop. I walked up to them and explained. “Hammer the wheel from the inside so it pops out.” I’d been jacking the car up and down for every damn suggestion I got, so after these 4 trials, I smoothly jacked up the car in under a minute and this time the advice worked. A few gentle hits with the hammer and out came the tyre! In 5 minutes I was working on the next problem: my curtain runners.

And as the Indian saying goes, Laatoon ke bhoot baatoon se nahi maante. Some situations just can’t be solved gently. Which actually might apply for my next experience too.

Note to self: To avoid this issue in the future, keep a hammer in the car.

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