Republic of Contradictions

I read this amazing column by coincidence today. I’d love to read more of these, and I think one responsibility of a citizen is to keep himself informed. This column is sharp, critical and emphasizes the need for an inward change. The change spoken of here is not just in bureaucracy. The bureaucracy would not survive without casual acceptance from us. We, the people, of India are responsible. Blaming the government is blaming us and our choices of leaders and parties. We need to stop taking an apathetic stance about every injustice under the sun and become less tolerant towards injustice.

In Germany, a few years ago, I was driving down a country lane near Stuttgart one weekend with friends. A man cycling alongside his dog, blocked the road ahead and refused to let us pass. He came up to the driver’s side and signaled that we should roll down the window. We did and he started an angry barrage at us. My friends later explained that he was protesting and angry because this road was closed on weekends for automobile traffic and we were violating his right to peacefully enjoy these surroundings. I laughed at his attitude then, but looking back at it now, I feel that he was right to rebuke us. I only wish that I and my fellow Indians find the integrity and courage to stand up for something.

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