IP tribulations

I’ve been fiddling yet again. In the past week, I’ve installed WordPress server, and finding that my ISP’s DNS server keeps timing out, I installed PDNSD, a DNS cache application, which actually is quite cool.

One thing that really screwed with my changes is that I had to set my Linux box with a static IP. I did and I thought it had been changed. Only later did I notice that the IP hadn’t been changed on the server. I tried a restart and that fixed things. However, I thought for a moment and figured that if Windows did not require a restart for IP address changes, then Linux should require it even less. So, there was a gap in my knowledge. And so after some digging it turned out that I needed to restart the networking agent.

ps -A

The above command on the terminal screen showed me the services running. I looked for the ones with a lower number that had Network in their name. In my Ubuntu 11.10, that was Network Manager. So, I entered the following code and was happy to see that I’d solved this issue.

sudo service network-manager restart

I went on to remove Pdnsd and am experimenting with Squid proxy and cache server now.

Update Feb 4, 2012: I’m back to PDNSD. Check the post for Feb 4/5.

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