4 Rooftops in Hauz Khas

Having a guest over is the perfect occasion for breaking out of the rut of daily living. And yesterday was the start of our touristy week with the arrival of a friend from Cairo.

All morning, i.e. starting 1 pm or so, we’d been getting the place in shape and around 4:30 pm, Sarah and I decided to head over to a garden nearby. While the sun was almost dipping alarmingly low, we still managed to catch a few brief minutes of sunshine and take a few walks around the park.

Our guest arrived around 6:30 pm, 2 hours later then planned, due to a flight delay. We let him settle then, around 8:00 pm headed over to Hauz Khas. That place never ceases to amaze me. It’s a maze of dilapidated buildings surrounded by greenery and in that dusty, crumbling mess one finds a gem of a place hiding in some alleyway. It’s intentional.

We first headed to Gunpowder for an excellent dinner. With appetites sated, we explored the rooftop restaurant/bar and found it busy and full. It looked like a fun crowd. From there we proceeded to Amour, a rooftop joint, which was a bit hard to locate. There we were surprised by a plush restaurant with an outdoor bar – quite unexpected, and very pleasant. We bumped into our friend Pio, who’s been working on his new project, Rose.

Pio’s two projects, Colaba house and Rajakkad, that we’d seen were quite exciting. So, we were looking forward to seeing the Rose. As he informed us on our way there, the Rose is named after the Rose garden which surrounds the building. The entrance to Rose is a nondescript white door (the only one in that street). On each floor are 4 rooms of different sizes and prices. The place is still a work in progress, but what we saw looked very promising. The rooftop was a very pleasant surprise and I’m looking forward to the opening, because what I saw of it looked absolutely grand!

After these, we decided on a drink at The Living Room (TLR), which incidentally has a good rooftop too, but a bit too chilly for us.

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