To WordPress or not to WordPress?

“A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct. ”  – Frank Herbert

Picked that quote from a Goodreads page on him. I’m not sure, but I believe Herbert may be an author who’s gathered the most quotable quotes! I’d love to know what books he read.

So, taking that thought into mind, I deliberated over how to build that website I’d been assigned. One can waste an incredible amount of time choosing the “right” platform and make several mistakes along the way, i.e. waste of time and energy. The flip side to that is experience and deeper knowledge. Yeah, yeah, tell that to the customer who’s ready to break down your door. The other option is research. And here’s an awesome article I found discussing exactly what I needed and it’s recent too.

So I’ve settled on WordPress for a start. The best part is that I can experiment on building the site on without really investing in building the environment. For privacy reasons I’ve blocked the site from public access – so I can fiddle on it to my heart’s desire. Later when it’s ready, I can use a privacy option and share it with my dear customers and see what they think of it. Handy, eh?

Another cool thing I discovered is that most hosters seem to offer Drupal, Joomla and WordPress based hosting, so it is relatively simple to set up site once you know what you’re about.

5 responses to “To WordPress or not to WordPress?

  1. I went through a similar experience and wordpress was my choice too :)))
    I love their plugins. Very handy. I also love the fact that they have CMS out of the box.

  2. When what you want to do is just blogging you can go for WordPress Hosting. When you need to do more than blogging and deal with more content you can go for Joomla Hosting.

  3. @ Salma, Thanks. It’s working out well, but I’m running into issues with the default Twenty Eleven stylesheet

    @ Amythomas – thanks for your input. From my experiments this far, for a small biz site, you can still use WordPress. I’ll be posting more of the hows and whats once I’m done. The major work so far appears to be with building the theme and getting the CSS straight.

  4. Yes,

    most hosting companies offer one click installs to Joomla/WordPress/Drupal and the likes, but the problem is that you sometimes end up with an outdated version of that CMS. You can upgrade it of course but often you are stuck once you have a lot of data in it. Migration is never simple and never easy.

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