All quietly busy on the home front

Despite my best intentions to blog often, I needed to take some time off blogging and other online activities. Every once in a while I need to shore up energy for some big changes and I guess I’m working my way towards starting on some. No mysteries here, just an uncertainty about how to proceed. Some of the things I’ve processed in the past few days around decisions around lifestyle and activities.

In addition to things done on the home front, I’ve gotten a bicycle, and a camera. Finally. Picked up a Canon EOS 500D and a space age looking bicycle. The camera is higher-end amateur device. The bike’s on the lower end of the “real” bicycles. My first ride yesterday with my helmet on got me a few strange looks. Helmets on motorbikes are required, for regular bikes, people stare. And comment. Frankly, I live a privileged life in Delhi and I guess my antics seem amusing to the folks around me. Just like I stare at the guys buying Mercedes or BMW cars for Delhi use, I’m being started at for getting an outlandish looking bicycle, which costs two months salary or more for the median Indian.

Another commitment I’ve taken up is working with an organization that helps children rescued from the streets. I’m coaching Math to 3 kids there. I started with one lesson a week, but it needs to be two and I’ve got to work to refresh my Math and make time for it. Also it’ll give me an opportunity to bike around town. So that’s health and community service in one shot.

On the freelance side, I’m looking at an assignment to build a website entirely on WordPress or a simple CMS which can be easily managed by an average computer savvy user. So, some interesting work there and stuff keeping me busy. Will post insights as I go.

I’m missing Wikipedia today. They’re blacked out in protest against PIPA /SOPA. I’m with them so I’m not going to bitch about it. For those interested, using Google or Bing, when you find a Wikipedia article, visit the “cached page” for today.

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