Conversation view mishaps w/Thunderbird

Conversation views (or Threaded views) in Thunderbird were acting up on my end leading me to lament about the state of the application and hanker after Outlook. As usual, the thing is to dig in and search for the issue and try out a couple of fixes. I guess minor differences in Thunderbird’s interface can be a source of misery and annoyance.

To threading then. Since threads were not working well I figured there may be an issue with Search and Indexing. So I dug up any articles related to rebuilding the Index. Interface woes were the issue on my end. The way to do it is to the right-click on the folder you’re interested in and click properties. This brings up the properties dialog:


To rebuild the index, click on Repair Folder. This takes a while, depending on how large your folder is.

Then, here is the interesting bit about how you want Thread to work in your Thunderbird environment. In this document scroll down to the “Hidden Preferences” section and you’ll see some settings that you may wish to change and an explanation of the why. Don’t worry you can go back to your original settings easily even after you change them. I found that they only reflect after the restart, so restart Thunderbird and see if you like the changes better.

In case you’re wondering where to change these settings you need to go to Tools->Options from the menu bar.  In the “General” tab, you’ll find the “Config Editor” button. It’s the last button before the standard “Ok” and “Cancel” buttons. This’ll open up the Config Editor. Use the filter and type in “thread” and you’ll see the settings easily enough.


Double click on any of the settings to change the value. For the Boolean types it’ll flip from true to false or vice versa automatically. Close the box, and hit Ok on the Options dialog where you came from and restart Thunderbird. You should be all set.

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