Yoga… but which one?

I think if I were to think back and remember this day in my life, I’d think of it as the day I first tried Yoga. Sarah finally convinced me to go and I’m glad she did. We took our class at The Atre Yoga Studio ( with Zubin Atre. The place is a bit difficult to find all on your own and I’m glad Sarah was with me when I went. She tells me she had a hard time finding it the first time round.

The studio is in Shahpur Jat, which is just beside Siri Fort on Aurobindo Marg in South Delhi. The feel of the place is a bit like Hauz Khas village, but without the bars and clubs. My first look today was a bit hasty, as we dashed up some stairs to the studio. And the studio is a pleasant surprise, considering the location. It’s a large open space painted in muted colors bare of any sort of furnishing except for a water cooler near the entrance and a couple of bins full of exercise mats on one side.

I changed in the small bathroom located at the back and set out a mat. Since this was the first time, Zubin asked me about any health issues that he needed to be aware of and launched into a beginner’s session. With almost every asana that he put us through, I could feel my muscles protest. First, I lost balance while stretching, then doing a stretch, I found my right shoulder has a lesser range of motion than my left …. and the list goes on. At the end we did 5 Surya Namaskaars and after that I was completely breathless.

Perhaps, it was the hypnotic way that Zubin conducted the session, but it felt like we’d been only on for 15 minutes instead of the hour and a bit that my phone reported. I think my first experience with Yoga’s been great so far. We’re planning on attending some more of Zubin’s classes.

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