A busy weekend, part 2 (Of Sofas and insurance agents)

Predictably, we woke up late on Sunday. I started my day with a call to the insurance agent. I wanted to get that brand new car insured for the change of owner registration process. Most of what they told me on the phone, I could barely understand. It appears that there’s not much variance in the kinds of insurance on offer, they all cover first party and third party insurance. They were going to send someone to photograph the car and take a copy of my registration card, the old insurance and a sketching from the chassis. Again, all new stuff to me. Someone would be by before 3:30pm.

Around noon, the doorbell rang and I leapt up with joy, wondering if it was the insurance guy. Turned out, it wasn’t. It was the guy who’d fix the water timer! The wiring here is pretty messy. And that’s what the problem turned out to be. Some wires had come loose because something or the other had been shaken or pulled sideways by the wind, or someone on the roof accidentally tripping on a cable. In 10 mins our man was done. Turned out, that most companies you buy from offer some form of warranty that covers their visits and any repairs. In this case, he asked for 250 Rs as a visiting charge, coz it was a Sunday.

Much later, after several calls our insurance agent showed up. I was unimpressed. And after handing him the necessary info, I got the feeling that he was going to hike up the rates, so I wasn’t surprised when he came back with an offer for about 14,000 Rs a year. Last year’s premium had been around 11,000 Rs, from a different company. I’d asked the owner to get it fixed up for the looks, so even if there was a claim involved it’d be minor. I’d figured instead of going lower in the worst case the premium would stay the same. Since the agent had decided to take me for a  ride, I figured I’d give him the boot. I called up the previous insuring company and asked them if I could renew, they agreed and barring any issues that may crop up, they estimated 9,000 Rs. for the premium. And today, I got a third call from an insurance broker who offered to find us the lowest priced one.

After the agent had gone, leaving me somewhat annoyed, my wife reminded me of my promise to go sofa shopping. I capitulated. We took the metro from Lajpat Nagar and ended up 40 mins or so later at Kirti Nagar and took the feeder bus till the furniture market. New adventures awaited us here. The first shop we walked into looked quite modest. I believe that from all the other shops we visited that evening they were the cheapest!

Sofa shopping appears to consist of three things:

  1. The look of the piece
  2. A sitting test, in different poses to see how comfy it would be
  3. Requests for modifications – upholstery, finishing and any modifications you may have in mind so it’ll fit your living room

First we saw simple furniture made in various designs with a wooden frame guised in different ways, but mostly in upholstery made of cloth. This changed from store to store. One store had on offer some bizarre colors suited to a bar, another had heavy use durable sofas for the office (terribly stiff cushions), another had soft leather or thick leather sofas which cost almost as much as the car. After two hours, I couldn’t think straight. Looking back at it, I think the delay by the insurance agent saved my mind from imploding under the onslaught of 3+2+2, or 3+2+1+1, price per seat quotes, upholstery variations and more. And I thought I could find just something comfortable to rest my butt on.

Incidentally, this is my 100th post!

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