Resolutions Update

Last time I’d come up with the big buckets and wanted to get smarter goals. I’m beginning to see it as an iterative process, because I’m unable finish in one sitting and more ideas keep cropping up. Here’s a sample of what I’ve got this far:


I’ve brainstormed things down into simpler objectives. More thought and action needs to be put into this for it to be a satisfactory exercise where I transform these into SMART(ER) goals. The idea is to keep working on it until I get there. Of course, this should not curtail spontaneous or useful ideas that are outside this frame, or as yet unwritten into the frame. For example, I’ve not written financial planning anywhere, but it definitely fits into the frame of a better life in Delhi. Yoga, which is in the map, serves more than one function; by doing it with Sarah, I’ll be doing something she enjoys and becoming healthier at the same time. Location scouting for the wedding could also be a similar project with multiple goals coming together: educating myself about the country, exploring and getting to know India better, and activities to do with Sarah.

On a lighter note, I got my birthday gift this week – a set of juggling balls. As part of a training at Microsoft, the instructor wanting to demonstrate our ability to master new skills, explained the basic principle of juggling: maintaining a beat. Now, I can resume and it’ll be on my map for 2012.

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