Lazy Searching

As I’m new to Delhi, I often find myself relying on Google Maps to get around. That means I query things a lot. Just earlier it was malls near Saket to see which Metro station to take. Another search I use a lot is Google’s shopping – to compare product prices with local market rates – it helps me get a sanity check and decide if I’m better of waiting and getting it when I travel. Lately, the project is a smartphone for Sarah.

Now being lazy, I decided that I wanted to use that cool search box on the right in Firefox (a similar one exists in IE). In IE, Microsoft’s actually got a cool page where you can customize your search box and add new plugins in a jiffy. On the official Mozilla site no such thing exists. So, there I was wondering how to build my own XML description to do the job. Fortunately, I found this site which could help me find the plugins I need. It also advertises the ability to create your own. Conceivably I could create my own search plugin for this blog. For the heck of it, I think I will! And I do need to because, the plug-in I wanted was in Spanish.

Here’s what it looks like after I’ve added it to my browser:


And here’s how it goes:

  1. Goto the search plugin generator page
  2. Now in another tab, go to the site whose search you’d like to embed, in my case I’ll build one for my blog.
  3. In the search service provided, put in the word “TEST” like so:
  4. Hit “Search” and watch the new page load
  5. You’ll find something like this in the url area. we’re going to use this URL, so copy it to your clipboard:
  6. Fill in the details as below:
  7. Click “Create Plugin” and wait for the resulting page to load…
  8. That highlighted bit will be our key! Click on install and now you have your own custom search plugin. You may get a prompt confirming that you want to add it to your search box. You’re done!

And now I’ve got Google shopping search, my own blog search and the map search configured for me. And if you go to the site’s main page you should be able to locate these (using search, of course).


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